Ascend Through the Darkness


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Demons roam the Earth undetected by humans and the only line of defense is The Society that Adelaide calls home. She navigates her world carefully finding that The Society she had trusted harbors secrets of great danger.  As Adelaide deals with inner struggles she finds that what seemed to be a mundane teenage problem was actually much darker and much more complex. She must decide for herself what defines right and wrong and in doing so she will find herself following an ever darkening path. She might find there is light and dark in everyone; even herself…

It begins…

***Adelaide*** It’s Monday. Words that strike fear and horror into teenagers everywhere. Why? you ask. Well, Monday is the day when our dreaded school week begins. Some people like school, they think of it as a social event, and even look forward to it.  Those would be the popular people with friends. I am not one of those people. Well, guess what? It’s Monday. I have already endured waking up at the ungodly hour of 6 A.M., walking to school, entering the abysmal building, and avoiding people, as well as most of my first class. Even though, my first class is one I sort of enjoy: Skill Fighting. Yes, Skill Fighting. It’s a major and important part of my training as a Nephilim. Right now I am sitting in the corner of the classroom farthest from my classmates.


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